July 17th, 2003

Sundaes on Thursday...

I left work at about 5:00 today, and stopped by Food Lion on the way home to pick up refreshments for the book club meeting at my house tonight. I decided on doing an "ice cream sundae bar." I bought three different kinds of sauces: hot fudge, caramel, and strawberry. I also bought walnuts, pecans, chocolate covered raisins, butterscotch chips, Reese's peanut butter and milk chocolate chips, coconut, and crushed pineapples. For the ice cream, I chose a half-gallon of Bryers Vanilla, and another half-gallon of half Vanilla and half Chocolate. To put it all, I bought "ice cream cone bowls." I also bought a pound of Oreo cookies to crush up, but ended up not doing it as there were plenty of toppings with everything else.

At home, I minimally cleaned house, and emptied most of the toppings into the lazy Susan. Jay called at about 6:00 asking if he could come early with his dinner, and he did. I was expecting Charles at 6:50, but he ended up not showing up until about five after seven.

Charles, Russell, Howard, Jay, and David attended the meeting. David, Howard, and me hadn't finished the book. Russell led the discussion with a game similar to the one he created for Wes' book by Aiden Shaw.

We had good discussion while answering the questions, which was good. I ended up "winning" the game even though I'd only read 52 pages of the book. The game was more about predicting what the others might say than what the book was actually about, so that's how I ended up winning.

The discussion ended around 8:45, and we had the sundaes, which seemed to be a big hit. We talked about future meetings, and decided to meet in September to view the DVD of "Chuck & Buck," and to set our agenda for the next six months. Then folks sat around and chatted until almost 11:00!