June 15th, 2003

The end of the training season, the start of the heart season...

We had our last training ride today, a 12-mile (more symbolic than anything) ride close by my house.

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Joe and I met the team at Starbucks on Peace Street after the ride. I bought Ken a coffee, and he seemed genuinely surprised, and was very thankful. What a great person he is.

We left for the Alliance Appreciation cookout at about 1:00. See the training journal entry for a description of that heartfelt afternoon.

We got home at about 5:00, and then ran out to Michaels to get a fabric pen, stopped at Old Navy to buy a couple of extra shirts, and then by Target and eventually Home Depot to get some plastic for the bottom of the tent on the ride.

Robert left at about 8 and I worked on organizing my papers, and eventually finished up the last entries of my training ride journal, and sent it out.
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