June 13th, 2003

The blahs...

We had a GLBT Leadership meeting this morning with Chris. Bagels, danish, banana bread, pound cake, coffee, and orange juice. We met in "Cafe D" off the 002 Cafeteria instead of our normal place in E301/B002. A poor showing, really. Cheryl, Stan, Mark E., Jay, me, and Jon. This doesn't seem to bother Chris.

I worked on my note to the release managers about new action items they would start receiving as a result of reviewing audits. I don't know what made me think I wouldn't get some flack back about that work. They're all over-worked, and this "process stuff" is nothing but a "pain in their ass."

I assigned the document control (approved vs. draft) action item to the release managers of each of the active projects in our pillar. When I checked my (work) mail this evening from home, there were e-mails from two of the managers "with attitude." This gave me the blahs.

In addition, my Tour de Friends jersey arrived today. Besides the fact that I ordered two, and asked for them to be shipped together, the one that did arrive is way too small. There is no way this jersey is a large in any sense of the word. It is totally not wearable for me. This is so disappointing. And I'm almost certain that when Joe's arrive, it won't fit him either. Unless he doesn't mind wearing tight shirts, and I mean this is tight, on me anyway. I hope his does fit.

The t-shirt has yet to arrive, but I ordered a large in that, too, so it probably won't fit as well. It's just real, real disappointing.

Robert called just after 9:00, as he was getting off work, and walking to his car. "I had to call you looking at this beautiful moon. It's almost full, and it's Friday the 13th." That cheered me up some. Sweet man.