June 8th, 2003

Wet, wet ride...

We had a wet training ride today. Will it ever not rain on a weekend this year?

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Joe and I had lunch afterward at Arby's. He caught me up on the night out last night with Steve, Brian, Stacy, Will and Patrick. They went to MVP, a karaoke bar. Sounded like a good time was had by all.

I stopped by the airport on the way home, and used my vouchers to pay for our P-Town tickets on American Airlines. When I mentioned that last year our flights were $94 (as opposed to these for $301) the other attendant there said, "Yeah, that's why we're broke. You're the reason." Then she "fake-yelled" to the crowd waiting in line, "Ladies and gentleman? This man right here. He's why we're in bankruptcy." It was pretty funny.

I took a luxurious two-hour nap from about 4:30-6:30.

I finished up the TCW June meeting minutes, and did some work comparing the Corrective/Preventive Action QMX database with the Issues database in preparation for tomorrow's meeting with Alan.

I also had a nice online chat with Jay.