May 26th, 2003

Near Century Ride...

We arrived in Louisburg, and the weather was a go for the ride. We rode out this morning at 7:55, and I rode 90 miles today!

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I finished the ride at about 4:20 this afternoon. What an incredible day.

We stopped at the Pizza Hut on Western Blvd. on the way home and had a pepperoni pizza and a salad bar for dinner.

Once home, I took a hot shower, and then an hour nap. Robert napped with me.

We woke up just after 8:00, and T.J. was parked on the lawn, and had the stereo pounding. He left after a little while.

Robert decided to leave in case T.J. returned. I worked on catching up this journal, was going to do my training ride journal, but decided at 11:15 to do that tomorrow instead. It's been a long, exhausting day.