May 23rd, 2003

Work, work, work!

I got my book out for distribution at 3:05. I worked on ISO stuff until 6:00, with Stacy's help from Austin, and in constant touch with Rich. Alan wanted to see what we had before he went home at 5:00 even though we got a one-month reprieve on the action items. I sent what we had at exactly 6:00PM Eastern time. He never even received the file on Friday. And I canceled my appointment with Nathan, and stayed late on a holiday weekend. Power trip!

I also missed getting my bike to Flythe's as they closed at 6:00. I went out to Crossroads to check out the riding shirts that Joe said were on sale. I bought 5 shirts, and 3 pair of boxers there.

I stopped at Red Lobster and had dinner. While waiting in the lobby for my table, I checked in with Steve, who was out eating with Tom and Sue and another couple.

I enjoyed watching the kids walk up to the lobster tank. I didn't enjoy thinking about a recent article I read about the pain these animals suffer when we drop them into boiling water.

I got to bed early as we had an early bike ride in the morning.