May 17th, 2003

Wimped out of training...

Rode out to our meeting point for the training ride, and it was pouring on and off on the way there, and once there. Joe and I decided not to ride, and committed to riding later in the day if the weather improved.

Joe called close to noon, as he was in the area, and asked about going riding. He came over, and I followed him to Garner.

We rode a 36-mile ride around Garner, out to Clayton, and back.

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I left for Flex at about 7:30. Josh was the only dancer there when I arrived. Shortly after, Adam and Van arrived, and then Rick.

Robert arrived close to 9:00, and it steadily got more and more crowded as 10:30 approached. We evidently won over at least one recruit as someone asked if we're still doing lessons on Wednesday.

Joe, Ben, Dale, Andy, and John were there, too. Once we cleared out, it became "Military Night."

Robert and I left at about 11:00. At home, we enjoyed the rest of the delicious banana bread that Robert had baked me. YUM!