May 10th, 2003

Beach party in Garner...

I met Joe in North Raleigh for a 23-mile bike ride that turned out to be 31 miles!

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After our ride, I called Donna to see about meeting for lunch. Turns out she was under the weather so we postponed lunch. Joe and I had lunch at Milton's.

At about 3:00, I started icing the Pistachio Nut Cake. I hate putting that frosting on. As it turned out, it didn't fit in the cooler, which was a pain. Robert held it for me on the way to Steve's.

Brian and Steve's party was fun -- a very mixed crowd, but everyone seemed to get along just fine. There were some good groceries there! Jay brought a totally hot stud of a date, David.

We left there at about 8:30, and were in the bed between 9:30 and 10. At 2:00, we woke up and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.