May 7th, 2003

Dance and Funk...

I got home just after 5:30, and Robert was waiting for me. We ran out to The Bull Chute, Wal-Mart, the Card Factory, and Chili's for dinner.

The boots were too expensive. I bought two pair of "bike shorts" ('nuff said!) at Wal-Mart. I bought a Mother's Day card, a card for Jay, a card for Janet, and some caramels at the Card Factory.

At Chili's, Robert had the Spinach Salad, and I had the Asian Wraps. Love those Asian Wraps! Robert loved them, too!

Dancing was a little strained at first as we talked a little bit about Darron and Dave, "casual sex," and relationships. Not a conducive environment for such a discussion.

Joe was there and I had a couple great two-step dances with him as well as a Shadow Dance, and a Swing. I love slow two-stepping with Robert. He's become quite adept at following my lackluster leading.

Glen C. was there. Always a pleasure to see him.

We left shortly after 11. It got quite dead quite fast. At home we showered and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.