May 5th, 2003

Coffee with Gregor...

We had a prep meeting for the upcoming GLBT Education session on Monday the 12th. Things seem to be coming along nicely. I look forward to hearing HR's responses to the scenarios.

I met Gregor for coffee at Third Place at 7:30. He was a little late, but called from his car to let me know. We had a nice chat, as always, and checked out some of the flights to Montreal using his phone/Palm Pilot. I find it amusing that he's not willing to get up early to get into Montreal earlier in the afternoon. He reminds me a lot of Jay in that sense. I mean I'm not a morning person, but when something's important to me, and especially when it's so infrequently, I'm up and at it! I hate to think what these guys are going to be like by the time they're my age! :-)

Once home, I worked on TCW action items, and then read a little of the next chapter of Read My Lips in preparation for book club tomorrow.