May 3rd, 2003

Evening with Friends...

I got up at 6:00 this morning, and was out to Joe's in Garner for 7:00. We rode together to Louisburg for the infamous Warrenton Hills ride.

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Joe and I had lunch at Subway right after the ride. I was freezing, actually shivering by the end of the meal, and had to get outside to warm up.

I drove home from Joe's, and immediately took a two-hour nap. My feet were black from my shoes, through my socks. Those shoes definitely won't dry by tomorrow morning.

I went to Evening with Friends, and got there at about 7:55. It started at 8:00. Mark was working the entrance gate, just like last year. I made my $25 donation, and went in.

There were tons of desserts, and finally, after two years of running short, they did not run out during the night. There were a lot of riders there. I spent a good chunk of time talking with David Lee.

A few of the book club guys were there as well: Charles, Russell, and Mark. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised I didn't see Kevin there.

Jay, and some of the games night crowd arrived later on, as several of them had been at Jim and Brian's for a dinner before the gala.

I found myself anxiously waiting for Robert to arrive. I surprised myself, really, with the excitement building up in anticipation of his arrival and our "cat and mouse" game. Finally, between 9 and 9:30, I caught a glance of him. Then lost him.

The next time around, on the watch, I saw him, and followed him to the Krispy Kreme table. Just like last year, I said, "You're a beautiful man." I got all teared up; I was so moved. That really was a special night a year ago, and he's been a special man in my life this last year.

We left there at about 10, and he stopped by. We laid down for a while, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed. He left after 11.