April 26th, 2003

Still sick...

I got up at about 8:00, checked what time White Rabbit opens (11AM), as I want to get a commitment card for Bernise and Jules, though I don't think I should go to their ceremony. I'm very torn, as I really want to be there to celebrate such a good thing with them, but if I do have anything contagious at all, I couldn't, in good conscience, go.

I went back to sleep and woke up at 11AM. I decided not to go to the ceremony, and called Kathleen to ask her to give them a message if she was going. Unfortunately, she ended up not going.

I ran to the pharmacy, and got some Thera-Flu, and a thermometer. I stopped by Pizza Hut, and had lunch. I stopped by Food Lion, got lots of juice, and one too many "comfort foods."

I went back to bed at about 2:30, and slept until about 6. Robert had called, being the sweet man he is, and Steve had called, totally shit faced from some party with a lot of straight people. One girl had just shit on him and her mother took her away to the emergency room. A little out of control there.

I had dinner, and went back in the bed.