April 22nd, 2003

Work, work, work...

I had a long, but good day at work today. It started off very frustratingly as I left home at 6:30, in plenty of time to get to work and take care of somethings I needed to take care of before class started at 8:30 at the education center. A serious accident happened right before I got to Harrison Avenue, and it was bumper to bumper traffic already, and it was not moving.

I exited at Harrison Avenue, heading toward Highway 54, finally paying attention to the Westin sign, and then the Cary Parkway sign, eventually turning right onto 54 and then passing those roads again once on my way west. I thought I could cut through Westin, and now I'm sure for next time.

I got enough done to feel good about it, and then zipped over to the education center at 8:00 in case the class started at 8 instead of 8:30. It didn't. I took a front row seat so I could see the DOM stuff well.

Class ended a half a day early! What a blessing that was! I had too much to do to finish up 4.4.1, and be prepared for the 3:00 "Project Wrap-up Meeting." Got it all done.

I got some good feedback from Mathis today regarding folks checking out the posted results of the diversity survey. That felt good. I submitted my proposal to O&E 2003 to do the presentation there as a seminar.

It's 7:05PM and I'm still here. Uninstalling FrameMaker 6.0, and re-installing Frame2000 R5.5 to finish up the Managing People update in the POAG. I can finish the 4.4.1 updates tomorrow from home, since FrameMaker 6.0 is on my laptop.

I got home at around 8:40 and ate the two pieces of leftover Peking Duck pizza from California Kitchen Pizza. Yum!