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April 19th, 2003

Happy Birthday, Joe!

It was an early morning, but a nice ride out north of Falls of the Neuse dam for our training ride. I'd never been out that way before.

Tour De Friends Training Ride Journal EntryCollapse )

I stopped at The Card Factory on the way home, and bought a graduation card for David, a birthday card for Andy, and three packs of Thank You cards that have bicycles on them! Cool.

I worked on my Tour De Friends paperwork. I got all the donations together, tallied enough up to me up to $2300, and packaged the rest to be submitted under Joe's name ($450). I filled out the required forms, and got those letters ready to mail.

Then, I updated my e-mail lists for my training journal, updated it, and sent it out. I also prepared the envelopes for the hardcopies I'll send out on Monday.

I showered and then headed out to Garner to Joe's birthday party. It was Andy's (of Andy and John) birthday, too. It was at Dale's house in Garner, and I had to call Steve and Joe on the way to get directions there. I made a pit stop at the ABC store because I forgot my CC. I ended up buying a big mother bottle because it was cheaper.

I had a great chat with Ben at the party. He was married for 17 years, and has a daughter. As it turns out, we have a lot in common. That was neat. I drank entirely too much there, and by 11, 11:30, I was in the chair in the dreaded state where you feel like you're going to throw up at any moment, every moment. The "God-let-me-get-through-this-and-I'll-never-drink-again" situation. Ben made me some coffee. Brian "entertained the girls."

At around midnight, me, Joe, Steve, and Brian went to Legends. I ran into Joe J. there, and Glen C. and his friend Mike. That Glen is just so sexy to me for some reason. He was with his boyfriend tonight.

We left around 2:00, which was way too late, and stopped and got a hot dog at the stand out on the street. They drove me back to Joe's, I had to walk Joe up to his door, and then I drove home. I got to bed around 3:00. Too late!



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