April 16th, 2003

IBM Diversity Pitch and Clean Bill of Health...

I did my diversity presentation today, twice, and it went great. I got some great feedback from Becky after the meeting, and then some nice words from James S. in the hall later. I feel so good about having done it now, and have decided to write up a proposal to present it as a session at the Out & Equal Conference in Minneapolis in October.

I spent most of the afternoon compiling the results from the "Secondary Dimensions of Diversity Survey." How very interesting! I can't wait to create the display for the bulletin board.

Courtney and I left work just after 4:30, and we went to the clinic to get my HIV test results. Always angst. My results were negative. I saw Josh in there again, this time knowing his name. He congratulated me on my results. I hope his are the same. Such a youngster.

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I checked in with Robert and Steve, and went off to dance at about 8:30.