April 12th, 2003

"The Bunn Run" ride...

It was an easy ride to our bike meeting point this morning, as I passed the Seminary last night on my way to WCPE.

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I spent the afternoon relaxing on my deck. I read almost half of Martin & John, loving this book. Robert arrived later in the afternoon, and we ran out to the Harris Teeter to get another potato to bake, and a vegetable, to go with the Filets that we were going to cook on the grill.

On the way to HT, it occurred to me that Robert had probably never been to the Fresh Market, so we went there instead. I know how much he loves to try new places. In the Fresh Market, we ran into Will buying himself a steak to grill out! We invited him over to eat with us, picked up an extra, extra potato, and some asparagus.

Will came over, we marinated all the steaks, grilled them, and ate out on the deck. Just delicious. Everything was just delicious, and the weather was just phenomenal.

I gave Will about 10 of my old ties for his Aunt's quilt-making project. He gave me his Tour de Friends donation.

Later in the evening, Robert and I did some crossword puzzles, and then MMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.