April 9th, 2003

Job satisfaction...

I had a great day at work today. Lots of affirmation and possibilities for my work. Sent GLBT sales leads to Arvind. Spoke with Jim, which I was dreading, regarding my ISO assignment. He was so good about it! Responded to Chung-Hwa on it. Worked on my diversity pitch for next week's practice run with the managers on Monday.

We had a GLBT Education Module meeting, and Allan and I are like oil and water. Oh well, perhaps we'll balance each other out.

I got to Flex at about 9:00, and only Ross and Adam and Van were there! Not a good sign! Then Josh and Sean arrived, and it eventually got crowded in there. Whew! I had a great time, as usual. Robert arrived soon after, and we had a lot of good dances together. Fun!