April 5th, 2003

Lightening strikes twice, make that THREE times...

I left at about 9:25 for our "Lake Wheeler" training ride, which I assumed was much closer than it was. I was thinking Lake Wheeler Road down by the Farmer's market. I ended up really rushing to get to the meeting point, which was on a very narrow street in a subdivision. Because I was so late parking had gone from very limited to already horrible. I did make it in time, however.

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I decided that I would leave enough time in the morning to ride around the parking lot before the ride to make sure that if it were going to blow again, I wouldn't be several miles out on the route.

I went to Flex, and ran into Ross, and two of his friends, Glen and Mike. We watched some pool, and chatted for a while. Then Glen and Mike left to go over to CCs. After about 15 more minutes, I wanted to go over to CCs to, as I had planned to do that before ever running into him and his friends. He wanted to finish his beer, so I walked over there alone.

Right before I entered the door to CCs, I heard my name called from behind. It was Wes! Hugs all around, and we went in, where we also ran into Joe! Since Joe and Wes hadn't met, that was cool. I have to admit, that while we were all hugging, the thought of SARS crossed my mind.

Shortly after that, Wes walked away and Joe filled me in on the horrible ride in the rain earlier that day. While we were talking a guy standing against the wall started to have a seizure, and fell down to the ground. People nearby caught him before he could hit his head.

After a while, I hooked back up with Glen, Ross, and Mike, and spent the rest of the night pretty much talking with them. Turns out Joe knows Ross from Erie. Eerie!