April 1st, 2003

No fool like an April fool...

We had book club meeting at lunch today. Suzanne was absent. We discussed the book any way, and had good discussion. We realized that we've made much progress, and are close to finishing the book. I handed out next week's assignment.

Mary gave me her check for $69, which officially puts me at my goal of $2500 (including several pledges, which I haven't yet collected)! But, wow, I feel so accomplished! A lot of people haven't even, or just are, starting to work on donations now. I am thinking of raising my goal on my Web site.

I attended the GLBT Education Module meeting with Jay today, as he is handing the project over to me due to his new management responsibilities. Allan Y. was at the meeting and the same tensions and issues with him arose. I like Allan as a person, but his approach is way too conservative for me. I'm glad he's phasing out of his position. Renae seems way more open-minded and progressive. Though, when Allan came in he did say something about "keeping his hand in this project." Grrrrrrrrr.

I wanted to show him a picture of Julie but Jay pointed out that he didn't think Julie was out as a transsexual, just as a Lesbian. Afterward, I went back and read her profile in the database, and she does refer to herself as a Lesbian, and not anywhere as a transsexual. Hmmmmmm.

I got a couple of Tour de Friends donations in the U.S. mail today, too. It's such a treat going to the mailbox now. :-) I did some accounting on my Tour de Friends fundraising -- updating the collections, organizing my thank-yous, and gathering the materials for my scrapbook.