March 31st, 2003

Management survey taxing...

At work we had a feedback session on the recent climate survey we took in Tivoli. All of Mathis' responses were suppressed because the tool showed only two respondents in his department. This is a shame because I believe the results would have been eye-opening for him. I expressed my position that hearing that these tools have defects in them is going to make me less likely to participate in future surveys. I spent a lot of time filling that thing out.

I finished up my taxes! Yippee! No hives on April 15th for me this year! I have Jeane's in a place where I just need two more items: her estimated taxes from last year, and the real estate taxes paid on the Drum Point property this year. I sent a note to Phyllis about this. I also asked her about transferring money to Jeane's Wachovia account from which to pay her taxes.

It feels good to be this close to having it all done with a couple of weeks to spare. I wonder if Rob is expecting me to do his return this year.