March 30th, 2003

Catching up...

We woke up early and MMMMMMMMMMMMMed. I went back to sleep. We got up at almost 10:00, and Robert made us a killer breakfast consisting of an egg, cheese, and chourico omelet. Yum!

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I need to work on TCW action items, so Robert packed up at around 1, and went back to Chapel Hill. I worked up an e-mail to the Foster Parenting Seminar volunteers summarizing the feedback from the seminar, and asking for their feedback about their volunteer experience with TCW. I also send an e-mail to the registrants of the seminar, asking the folks who RSVPed but didn't make it, why, and asking them about interest in future TCW seminars.

I made tacos for a late lunch, finishing up the ground turkey, and the salsa. It was just okay, as I didn't have enough onion, had no cheese, and no sour cream.

I caught up this journal since Wednesday.

I went to closing night at Oasis. It was pretty pitful. There were four patrons there besides me. Two DJ's, Herb at the bar, Shelly and the owner walking around with someone else. In the background, they were taking things outside to trucks. It was pretty sad.

I stopped by Flex on the way back, and spoke with Mark Z. for a little bit.

I left there at about 9:30, and stopped by the Cameron Village Harris Teeter on the way home. I know have the ingredients to make a proper taco.