March 23rd, 2003

25 Miles...

We started the morning off MMMMMMMMMing, and Robert headed out to work at 7:15. I got up, had some coffee, and some breakfast, and got ready for the ride.

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I got home around 1:30, and laid out in the sun on my deck for the first official use since it's been built. I had my CD player out there, and nodded off. Life is good!

Donna dropped by between 3:00 and 3:30 to pick up her items (from Macy's) form our visit with her in NYC at the beginning of the month. For some reason, she seemed to think I "needed a few things," which I interpreted as "on my walls," as she looked around and said, "Now I have some ideas for Christmas gifts." She made the comment that there was almost nothing in the place from our time together. Interesting, and pretty much true. The only furniture I have from our time together is my bedroom set, which used to be in one of our guest bedrooms in "the big house," and the book cases that are now in my guest bedroom.

After she left, I rode out to Third Place to try and catch Gregor out and about. He wasn't there, but I stayed, people watched, and got my Tour De Friends paperwork caught up, and then read a little out of Read My Lips to work on next week's reading assignment.

From there, I stopped at Wal-mart and spent $91, mostly on items for the ride. I bought a hand pump, a floor pump, a "camelsack," some snack bars, and some Gatorade. I also bought a scrap book to store everything from the ride in. I look forward to working on that.