March 21st, 2003

N.C. Museum of Art

I uninstalled Framemaker 6.0 and installed Frame2000 R5.5 to debug Kim's Frame error. It felt good to figure that out. Had an exchange with Rich about PBCs, and Mathis' request for ours without his and Alan's.

I received a (shocking) e-mail from Arvind about my EAGLE announcement and award. Later on, at home, I got one from Carl K. It just floored me. Arvind had showed him my "Cost of the Closet" poster, and he said, "I loved it!" Cool!

I left work at 4:30. Robert had arrived already when I got home. We left for the N.C. Museum of Art, since it was "Free Friday" at the museum. We saw Robert M. there (who had sent me e-mail about "Free Friday" earlier in the week.) We went through the Augustus Saint-Gaudens: American Sculptor of the Gilded Age exhibit.

We had thought about having dinner there, but we were really very under-dressed, and they had about 135 reservations for dinner for the evening. We bagged that, and went to Crowley's on Dixie Trail instead. I had a killer Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Salad.

We stopped by the Harris Teeter to get ingredients for the Pistachio Nut cake. At home, I mixed it, with Robert's help, and baked it. It turned out great! I had to remove a shelf from my refrigerator in order to fit the glass cake dish in it.

We got to bed early, did a few crossword puzzles, MMMMMMMed, and tried to fall asleep before any noise next door might start up.