March 12th, 2003

Foster Parenting Seminar...

Uneventful day at work. Had a nice lunch with Mike M. It's always good to see him. We went to Rudino's, and ate too much. He said he's going to donate $100 to my bike ride. A generous guy he is!

Courtney and I left work at 5:00, and pretty much fended for ourselves for dinner. I made an egg-salad sandwich, and typed in the seminar agenda to print off 5 copies.

I gathered all the crap to take to the seminar (coffee maker, pot, filter, coffee, Coffemate, Sugar, spoons, CD player, CDs, feedback forms, ice bucket, cooler, and ice.)

Courtney was too tired to meet me out later, so I also brought my clothes to change into to go dancing. She ended up visiting with Larry (across the street) for a little while, and got to bed early. She left the key (strategically placed) under the mat for me.

Ronnie had already arrived at the church when I arrived, and that was great. I love volunteers who are early! As it turned out, though I got the ice out of my freezer and placed it in plastic grocery bags on the floor in front of the fridge, I left it right there. Ronnie volunteered to run to Harris Teeter and pick up two more bags. Since we refreshment money left over, it worked out fine.

The seminar was great. Keisha (one of the presenters who was going to be late) even showed up on time. Kevin (the foster dad who was speaking) showed up at about 7:20, which worried me a little, but he wasn't scheduled to speak until 8:00 any way.

Ronnie did a great job with the refreshments, and Robert did a great job with the raffle of the NC Museum of Art family membership. Clark won it. We raised $30 from that, and attendees of the seminar donated $20. Cool. That's enough to pay the church $40 for the room, and then some. The other $10 will go back to TCW, in effect reducing the $35 we asked for for refreshments to $25.

I changed there and then headed to Flex. I had a great time dancing. Joe was there, and I had a few wonderful dances with him, especially the shadow dance. I met a guy named Wayne there, and we joked about our names being John Wayne. A couple of the "regulars" thought we looked like brothers, which I took as a compliment as I thought he was rather cute. I eventually did a slow two-step with him.

During a two-step with Carl, he said, "You are such a smooth dancer." That surprised, and pleased, me so much.

I had a nice slow two-step dance with Mike, too. He was in a white tank top tonight with that hair sticking out all over. Yum.

I got home at about 12:30. Courtney was in bed. I read a couple chapters of Wasted, and then fell asleep.