February 13th, 2003

A correspondence kind of day...

Class finished up at 1:00 today. I came home and worked from home doing the indexing for the Guardian/Safeguard document. I will tag the entries first thing in the morning.

I sent some TCW correspondences, one to Mason about getting started on the feedback form, and one to Robert about updating the next round of fliers to include registration information and to note that a "real live" GLBT foster parent will be presenting at the seminar. I also sent a note to Tim about the third person wishing to present at the seminar, and requested a tentative agenda for the meeting.

I responded to Irene's e-mail of a couple of days ago, and to Steve's from several days ago.

At about 8;15, I ran to the bowling alley to put fliers out about the seminar for the Kings & Queens league.

I spent some time at Third Place, and then went to Flex for the Trailer Park show. I left right when it started. Boring.