January 30th, 2003

Getting "fitted" for a bike...

At work today, I attended the IDWB 3.7 Worldwide GA Presentation in B500. I really like Alice R. That Brian G. really does have a hot bod. I also took care of a few "PR" type items: 1) sent a note to Nancy C. regarding diversity work, copying Jacci M. (It won't hurt to be sitting with Jacci at the HRC dinner, too.) 2) sent notes to folks I've recently done installs for asking for feedback copying Dolores and Rich. And, right at the end of the day, I got a laptop from Mathis. That's cool. Now I won't have to use my personal one for IBM business.

Michael Edwards asked me to get him a copy of "Who's Your Daddy?" by Toby Keith.

I went to Flythe Cyclers at 6:00 for the "fitting" of the bike I'm going to buy to ride in the Tour de Friends in June. I'm getting a "52-inch." I gave a $50 deposit. Wes was there -- good to see him, and he was so surprised and pleased that I'm participating. He kept saying, "I just didn't think you'd go for this kind of thing." I guess he thinks I'm an "inside-kind-of-guy," which makes perfect sense from what he saw of me living next door to him for 5 years. There were several hotties there. Should be an "eye-candy" type of ride. :-)

I left the bike shop at about 6:30, and went to Sam's to get party stuff. I spent $173 in that place. Though most of it was for the party, not all of it was.

Robert is such a dear! He offered to come to my house tomorrow, and clean! That is so thoughtful and generous! I spent the rest of the evening putting everything away. The place looks pretty presentable.
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