December 19th, 2002

Opalescent paper...

Spent most of the day today writing my, what turned out to be, eight page Christmas 2002 letter. It's a good thing I know Aunt Annette and Uncle Frank anticipate its arrival so much ever year. That helps keep me motivated.

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I had a 3:00 meeting with Nathan Grooms to sign the transfer of my Quick & Reilly brokerage account to American Express. We had some laughs, as we always seem to do -- especially when he went to write his "stock tip" on my October-November Q&R Statement!

I stopped by Wal-mart and Comp-USA looking for holiday printer paper, without luck. I found the nicest "opalescent paper" at the Factory Card Outlet store. It was $3.99 a pack, and I bought 10 packs, but it's beautiful! I also bought a package of 40 foil-trimmed cards.

Once home, I started storing copies of my letter customized to the first few recipients, so I'd be ready to start printing when I got back from Oasis.

Went to Oasis for 7:00 for two-stepping and line-dancing lessons. Only Mike, Andre, Steve, Tom, a guy named Scott, I believe, and Adam, of course, were there. We reviewed two line dances we've been learning in the last two weeks. Later, Tom taught us a few advanced two-stepping moves, which was great. I really like the way he teaches. I learned with Adam, which should help us dance better together in the future.

Later a group of three guys came, who I've never seen before. Once was named Walter, and we danced a couple of two-step dances together, and it was great. I lead. One of the other guys' name was Larry, and I gave him a two-step "lesson" out on the dance floor. He was nice, and caught on by the end. Seemed to really enjoy it.

I left there with directions from Andre on asking Vivian for contact information for his colleagues/friends back at Saratov University (or the Teacher Training Institute there). E-mailed that to Vivian when I got home, and called her. She's going to fix him up.

Started printing my letters, and continued until 5:45AM! Whew!