November 24th, 2002

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We woke up around 7:00 this morning, and MMMMMMMM! We went back to sleep for "15 more minutes," and woke up two hours later. Robert made some coffee, we looked at Steve's pictures from our time together in California, and then both showered. While we were there, James showed up to start working on the deck. I spoke to him for a few minutes, and then let him be to work. He had a noontime appointment with Gregor to assess the work he wants done.

We went to IHOP for breakfast. I had pancakes, which I don't usually go for, and they were absolutely the creamiest pancakes I have ever eaten. The waitress brought me maple syrup in a juice glass. Several times I started to reach for it to drink it.

We stopped back by the house to change, and drove over to Lake Johnson. The weather was so beautiful today! We did a (three-mile) lap, and enjoyed it so much we did another. While walking I found an exposed roll of (Fuji) film in a cannister, and then later on, a lens cap to a camera. Not any where even close to each other. Odd. I turned them in at the snack bar during the short break we took between laps. Robert mentioned coming back another time to rent a paddle boat.

We had some great discussions on our walk. We talked a lot about Covey's ideas, where we were with each other, Robert's future, and our fears and motivations for doing (or not doing) things. It was nice.

From there we went to A&W and rewarded ourselves with a Root Beer Float. :-) I ordered a diet root beer, but she made a mistake and made it regular. I said, "It's fine. Could it really make that much difference?" Then, Robert said, "Notice anything about the size?" They were larges. He said, I ordered mediums (they only had the two sizes), but they were out of medium cups so they gave us larges, no extra charge.

We stopped at the Food Lion, right there, on the way home. I got just a few things, not stocking up too much, as I will be going home for a couple of days next week, and then leave for London/Paris the week after that.

We dropped that off at the house, and then MMMMMMMMM! and MMMMMMMM! again. We debated about going to Sam's (I wanted to drop off my film, but then realized it's not going to be back by Wednesday anyway), so bagged that idea. After a while, we went to Amedio's on Western Blvd. for dinner. We both had the same dish -- house salad and spaghetti and meatballs with melted mozzerlla on top of it. It was very good. We both brought half home, saving room for the oreo cookies we had when we got there. :-)

Robert left at about 8:30. I caught up my journal.
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