November 8th, 2002

"Get it up, get it in..."

I worked a short work day today, so we could take off to San Diego for the weekend. I left work at 2:30, with Kim's blessing, and felt like I was in a good place. We got on the road, and debated a bit about taking the toll road, which we were strongly advised to do by Kim. We ended up hopping on I-5, though, since we were getting an early start, and remembered we could travel on the H.O.V. lane. The traffic did get a little bad in spots, but overall it wasn't bad getting out of Irvine.

On the way I told Steve this joke,

"what did the Jewish princess say to the cowboy as she sat on top of him for a lunchtime fuck?"

<Sung to the tune of The Lone Ranger>

"Get it up. Get it in. Get it off. Get it out. Don't mess my hair up."

Well he thought that was the funniest thing, and started practicing it himself. Then we did it together. Then we tried to do it while we kept time on our laps with a syncopated rhythm. Then, for the ultimate Star Search talent entry, we did it in round. Steve would start, "Get it up. Get it in." then I would start in on "Get it up." We agreed that he should do it at least once by himself before I chimed in. We laughed and laughed and laughed doing this.

The traffic hot pretty horrific once we got close to San Diego, actually near Camp Pendleton. We found the hotel without incident. Thank God for Mapquest. The hotel was very big for a Four Points, with the most beautiful floral arrangement in the lobby. The room was quite nice. We pretty much just put our stuff down and went out.
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Hamburger Mary's and Kickers...

We ate at Hamburger Mary's, which was attached to "Kickers," which (on certain nights) is a C&W bar. As it turned out, tonight they were having Country Karaoke, with line dances in between -- a set of singing, then a set of line dances. We ate first, Steve had a killer Hamburger, and I had a club sandwich. After that we went over to the bar side, and watched a set of line dances, of which I knew no dances. :-( Though, one of them was basically the Tush Push with a change on the first twelve counts that I caught onto from the side by the time it was over.

There was one guy who did Karaoke who was totally awesome. In the second set of line dances, I did "Tow the Line." It wasn't the one I thought it was, but fortunately it was one I knew. This place started to die down around midnight, so we rode up the street to "Rich's," who someone had told Steve at Kicker's was "something like this place." I, actually, don't believe that. Either Steve told me that to make me more inclined to go, or the guy outright lied to him.

We had a little "snippy" incident on the way, where I was acting like my dad. The parking situation sucked, and I was getting annoyed and impatient. This place was totally jamming, packed with folks. It was a definite techno/dance bar, though -- <nothing> country or even levi or leather about it. I didn't dance there, but enjoyed the people-watching. We left there probably around 1:30.