October 24th, 2002

Every once in a great while in your life you meet...

I got a lot of TCW stuff done today after work. Feel good about that.

At around 8:00, I left home and went to the bowling alley to distribute flyers about the upcoming TCW "For Sale by Owner" seminar. I left a flyer per lane, but have a real sense that these folks are not exactly the type to 1) own property, and 2) sell it themselves. I probably just have a bad attitude.

I spent a little time with Sue and David's team. I listened to Sue do her usual rant about the contracting company she's working for, and how she's being screwed in their layoff.

In discussing our upcoming trips, Donald mentioned that next year they'll be going on a cruise up the Northeastern coast. He said, "Gary and I will be celebrating 30 years together, and we're bringing the child along," indicating David. I didn't know that was the situation -- not that David was "the child," but that Gary and Donald had been together so long before David.

At around 10:00, a most wonderful thing happened to me, and that is, I met Gillian. What a pleasure! I felt instantly "connected" to her -- in that I mean totally comfortable, and I really liked her. Her friend Heather was really nice, too. She looked very "New York," or rather, I should say, very "big city" to me. I mean it was obvious that "she won't from 'round here."

We had great discussions about a number of things, many being around sexual orientation, of course, and fashion. Gillian had the same hang-up as Gregor about the jeans shorts -- with the emphasis on the jeans. I'm starting to think that their dad whipped them with some object made out of denim when they were kids. Ah, the Brits!

I related the story about a session I attended at the Gender Pac conference back in May that I have been wanting to capture in writing for some time. So I will "cut" it here.

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We sat and talked for about an hour-and-a-half at Third Place, and I just totally enjoyed myself. Hugs and kisses to Gillian and Heather, and best wishes for a safe trip home!
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