October 16th, 2002

Happy, Happy, Happy...

That's where I am. It's a good place. I think I'll stay a while.

Had a great day at work today. Worked diligently with Bill to wrap up the Planning Guide.

I left work at around 5:30, and went home to read. I finished HOW I LEARNED TO SNAP at 7:40! Yippee! Now I'm all ready for book club meeting tomorrow night, and won't be cramming tonight at midnight or tomorrow night before the meeting.

<insert broken record here> Dancing was so much fun! Joe said, "I love dancing with you." And I, with him. I practiced leading with him, and also with Paul. Love to two-step with Gerald, too. Adam continues to whip me around the dance floor. I met Rick tonight. Joe, who spent a great deal of time talking to him, tells me he's from Austria.

I love my life.
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