October 3rd, 2002

WCPE volunteer night...

Tonight I volunteered at WCPE's annual telephone fund-raiser from about 6:00PM until 10:00PM. I met Mary out there at about 6:15 for my 7:00-10:00 shift. It was much fun taking calls from all around the country. Several people are listening now via satellite, cable TV, and the Internet. One pledge was from a female psychologist who has a practice in Mason, OH. She plays WCPE in her waiting room over the Internet.

It was Thursday night's "Opera House" show. I collected $889.70 in pledges, with a last (five) minute attempt to get one big donation to put me at the $1000.00 mark. It didn't happen, but I got my name announced on the air, and it let Mary know that I had far surpassed her collections for the evening. :-) (She had left at about 8:30.)

On the way home, I stopped at Flex for Trailer Trash night. I met a guy named Tim there, and Andre was there.