September 18th, 2002

Dance like the wind...

I had a great day at work today. Things are rapidly finishing up on this project. Left work at 6:30.

Stopped by Rob's on the way home and retrieved my box, and the EAGLE banner. My box held two precious pictures, one of Misty and one of Sophie, and a number of other little fun things.

When I got home Robert called, just finishing up his appointment with Helen. He stopped by for a quick dinner and a quick hug. We're going to work this out somehow.

Line dancing was about the most fun it's ever been, and it's been a lot of fun before! I met "Rodney," Joe was there, and Gerald (from the rodeo!) showed up, and I met his boyfriend, Paul. Lots of dancing, and just a fun night! I love dancing.

In the car, a voice mail message from Lisa indicated a wish to change this weekend's plans, which is just perfect. We're going to reschedule for some time in October.