September 5th, 2002

Raleigh man takes flight...

I've got to pack. I leave for DC tomorrow directly from work.

James came over today and assessed my "honey-do" needs:
1) add a deck to the back of my townhouse
2) wallpaper the upstairs hall bathroom
3) paint the guest bedroom and repair wall & ceiling
4) adjust washer/dryer and pantry doors
5) install new blinds
6) replace missing screen out front, ground floor

After that, he took me to Crabtree to pick up my car. It feels "new" -- rotated tires, changed oil, and a passed NC State Inspection.

Robert came by. We had Tuna Fettuccine Alfredo and steamed broccoli.


Butter Pecan ice cream for dessert.

Got a load of clothes washed in there, too.

Off to visit Jeane, and to see the rodeo! Life is good.
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