September 3rd, 2002

Work is in the headline tonight...

I'm just getting home from work. Didn't get the input I needed from the developer until nearly 9:30. Got my part done now at least. Rest in order...

I am resisting having a bowl of Butter Pecan ice cream because I had a bag of chips at work that was labeled "Grab Size," which means it was probably two servings. I avoided the label information. It's all part of the "Deniet." ("If you don't look at the label, the calories don't count.")

I am thinking about wild-sun's family health problems. I attended two funerals last week -- Steve's dad's, and Adam's. My friend Adam, 35 years old, who left too soon.

As always, I'm always excited about it being nearly Wednesday. It's two-stepping and line-dancing night. Yippee!

I'm driving mom and dad's car as I'm taking advantage of having it while they're up north to get my tires rotated, oil changed, and "Official NC State Inspection" taken care of. I resisted the temptation to take a close "Visitor" parking spot at work today since their car wouldn't be registered with the official "parking police" at work.

I got a nice postcard from Donna in the mail today. It's eventful only because she never sends postcards on vacation. Guess all mine to her have made an impression, or made her guilty at least. :-)

I'd better get to bed before that Butter Pecan ice cream gets to me. "Good night sweet prince."