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September 20th, 1999

Back to work, kittens, and soccer...

Got to work and could finally check my Broadreach e-mail. Sy’s coming today. Oh well. At least it’s not until 1:00. We worked on BRT/BRX/DOC/DTD education all afternoon. We ran into back-leveled Java dlls, and worked with Dewaine to try and fix that. I left them both working on it at 5:00 to go to the Internet SIG. Tonight’s the night we do a “dry run” of the “Create a Home Page that Really Matters.” Six people were there, and it was a good exercise. I think we probably can’t pull it off this year, though.

At home after the Internet SIG two couples came by to look at cats. The one couple, Adam and Donna, took Ariel. The other couple looked at the two little black kittens, but didn’t end up taking either one. They favored the smaller one. They may be back, but it’s doubtful. It looks like Bruno’s ours, which is sort of okay with me.

I met David and the indoor soccer arena and we watched Santiago and the team play soccer. It was fun to watch. David is really fun. The score was 11 – 4, the other team, which consisted entirely of women. We had Traci as the only female on our team. She got hit in the tit really, really hard. I think I’ll play with them when we get back from Greece. Santiago wants me to play at this Thursday’s game, but it’s not worth risking getting hurt this close to the trip. I’ll have to dig out my soccer clothes and equipment.



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