January 1st, 1996

STC T-Shirt Ideas

I'm imagining on the front of the shirt: the acronym STC (or STC@NCSU) with Society for Technical Communication spelled out under it, and then the saying on the back.

Also, I'm imagining all the lettering centered, and in the case of the second one, I would imagine audience, context, and purpose being in italics.

I don't particularly like the blank lines between the rows of words in the third one either, and I think I would make all of the words black instead of the word red, which would stay red, and perhaps have a "strikethrough line" through it. :-)

Any ideas for others? Shall we put these two a "vote" to the membership? Any thoughts at all on proceeding. (We said that Andrew and I would take a stab at a few and then share them with the rest of the officers.)