DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Happy Birthday to Steve...

We woke up at about 10, MMMMMMMed, and got started at about 10:30 -- with lots to do before everyone arrived. Without Robert's help, it never would have gotten done.

We had Bloody Marys, and tortilla chips with H&D dip before grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs. The potato salad was disappointing, as was the Pistachio Nut Cake. I believe the fact that I used a white cake mix instead of a yellow cake mix is what the problem is. Oh well. Next time. That cake's a pain in the ass to make, though, so hate when the few times I do make it it doesn't turn out. I bought way too much food, too, which is typical, and I hate. I will end up throwing away most of it on Thursday night.

I studied in the afternoon after everyone left. I met Joe at Flex at 7:00, and Steve and Randy arrived shortly afterwards. We had to wait about an hour or so for a pool table, as Crape Myrtle had had its meeting there, and there were a lot more people there than normal. We played one game of cut-throat -- me, Joe, and Randy. I'm not sure who won -- I know I lost. Then we played three games of me and Steve against Joe and Randy. They one 2-1.

The karaoke crowd, in terms of people to sing, was really sparse, so Christian was out badgering the audience to sing. We convinced Joe to sing "Piano Man," and we had fun singing (screaming) it along with him. Later, he did his standard, "At This Moment."

Later in the night, Steve was pretty toasted, and disappeared. After a half hour we started getting worried about him, and I eventually, after checking to make sure his car was still there, ended up banging on the bathroom door until he came out -- threatening to get Brigner to open the door. Drama.

Joe and I left as soon as we knew he was safe.

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