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I worked from home this morning. I stopped for a haircut on the way into the office. Today is "Ten-Dollar Tuesday," so I couldn't use my $1.00 off coupon. There was a "new" lady there, who reminded me a lot of Robert's mother. I guess "60 is Sexy" lady has the mornings off. I really liked the way this lady cut my hair.

The EAGLE lunch was fairly well attended today. All three of the IBMers going to Greece (me, Steve, and Hector) were there, and there were two or three new folks -- Adam, Wes (how odd as I write this I think of my friend Adam who died last year, and his partner Wes, who both used to be my neighbors in my previous house), and Ken, who seems to still be seeing Steve. Paul was also there, who I haven't seen since the Mad Hatter gathering prior to the RTP Leadership Conference. He's a cutie. Kathy C. was the only woman there. Deanna was supposed to come, but never showed.

I set up my Diversity Presentation for next Thursday, September the 2nd, from 3-4. We are planning for 40 people, and I'll do it in the cafeteria. I sent the calendar invitations out around 4, and was surprised at the quick responses indicating they'll attend from several people. I hope too many people don't attend.

I requested a meeting with Randy tomorrow to discuss the ITIM options from an auditor's perspective. His calendar shows no available time to meet tomorrow. I hope that's a fluke or misrepresentation. I want to talk to him before our next team meeting on Thursday morning.

I left work at 5:00 for my 6:00 class. I wanted to stop by home before class to change into my workout clothes, and to pick up Dr. Dicks' book. It was necessary but I thought I had time. It ended up putting me to class with two minutes to spare. I need to leave work a little earlier on Thursday, so I'm not stressing out about getting there on time.

Class was just okay. Most people did not yet have the books, so there wasn't a great deal of interaction. I had done my reading, and had my question/discussion/observation typed up to turn in. He said, "Okay, for those of you who have the book, who had a great observation reading the material?" I said, "Well, I have an observation, but I'm not convinced it's a great one."

I drove from the parking deck over to the Carmichael parking lot. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I had to meet chasman at 8:45, after working out, and I wouldn't make it on time if I had to walk back to the deck first. I lucked out on a spot facing the practice field, where young, studly undergraduates are practicing all kinds of sports in various stages of (un)dress. Sweet.

Steven wasn't in there when I got there, and there was actually one elliptical machine available in front of the fountain of hotness. I nabbed it. I did 30 minutes on the machine, and thoroughly enjoyed the guys lifting weights walk back and forth between the weight room and the water fountain. Ah, youth!

With four minutes to go, Steven came down to see if I was there. He had been working out upstairs, not finding a hotness machine available when he arrived. I told him I'd only have time to walk one mile, so to go ahead and start, and I would catch up with him as soon as I finished. I stayed within the "Cardiovascular Workout" range, which is higher than the "Weight Loss Range," and burned off 355 calories.

I watched this tiny (thin) young woman sitting at one of the cycling machines next to me enter her age into the machine. 17. Bitch. I thought college students were 18, though thinking back I was 17 when I started college in August, turning 18 that October. She had a stunning, solitaire engagement ring on. She was black, and that shiny diamond with her dark skin in the background really showed off the rock.

I stopped by home, cleaned up a little, and headed to Helios. Charles called me just as I was pulling in to let me know he was about five minutes behind, which I appreciated. I got a cup of coffee, sat on a stool, and went through my mail. Junk.

He arrived directly, got his cup of coffee, and the chatting began. :-) After a few minutes, we moved outside, which was quite nice, and pretty much had non-stop conversation for 45 minutes. And he claims to be an introvert. :-) I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, and on the way home, thought about how cool the Internet is. I know I would never have met Charles if we hadn't both been bloggers. Very cool.

At home, I threw together a killer salad consisting of hearts of romaine lettuce, diced red bell pepper, diced celery, chopped onions, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, broccoli, mushrooms, pineapples chunks, raisins, croutons and French (1/2 regular, 1/2 light) dressing, and ate it while catching up with Robert, and then checking in with a311renegade before signing off.

I read tomorrow's assignment for ENG 512, which consisted of four articles -- one quite long one, and three short ones.

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