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Miss Billiards Raleigh Wake County North Carolina Universe...

I slept in today, and hated that Robert had to get up so early to head to work. I worked from home from about noon until 3:30. Got some good things done, including responding to that damn audit request on Rhonda's laptop that Robert recently returned to me. I'm ready to turn that thing in, so as not to have to "maintain" it any more. Too many "controls" on it.

Robert and I had an interesting AIM conversation about Nick, and "sidedishes."

At 3:30, I took a shower, and arrived over at Lake Johnson at 4:00. Being as nice a day as it was, the parking was atrocious, though I was lucky to get a spot in the first, small parking area.

I walked the "opposite" way (i.e., according to the mile markers), and in the beginning thought a lot about my first bike ride here at the beginning of last year - negotiating the curves and hills, and people with dogs.

I ran into a couple of "sisters" while walking. One was that guy named John from the ride that Joe and I thought was straight for the longest time. He's got a great body, but seems very uncomfortable in his skin. He was with a guy, but looked with a face that said, "Don't acknowledge me." Sad. Later I ran into two guys, one of whom I recognized, but didn't know his name, and he said, "Hey, how ya doing?" to me.

I finished the one, three-mile lap, and had decided that I'd walk in the opposite direction, following the mile markers to the one-mil mark, and then back, for a total of 5 miles. I had noted where the one-mile marker was, so knew it was shortly after that area open to the water where people are usually taking a short break with their dogs, and where the dam is.

The entire way, I went back and forth as to whether I should just keep going when I got to the mile marker, completing a second lap. Back and forth. Back and forth. Will it take up too much time? Will I be sorry once I commit myself? Five is such a "round" number. Saying, "I walked six miles today is more impressive." I'm going to eat the same amount of food today whether I walk five miles or six, so I might as well walk six.

I approached the one-mile marker, and kept on. In the middle of the second mile, I got to this place that made a sharp curve, and I could hear the people around the corner, though couldn't see them because of the dense tree and brush growth. I heard, what sounded like a black guy, say hello to another guy.

When I got around the corner, there were two black guys walking together toward me, and another black guy up ahead of them traveling in my direction. I looked at them, and nodded, but they were talking and didn't acknowledge.

I contemplated the scenario in my head. Hmmm. They said hello to that black guy, but not to me. This is not uncommon, though. Is that racism? It looks like it is when white people only say hello to other white people. But then I thought, I'm much more likely to say hello to two gay guys who walk by. What's that, homosexism? Oh well. Something to occupy the mind. Today, while walking, I thought about getting an iPod.

I finished my six-mile walk, and got back home close to six. I had a killer salad for dinner, showered and left for Flex at about 6:45. Joe was parked in the spot in front of the one I talk. I "gave some love" to our cat in the window.

A pool table was open when I got there, and Joe and I took it. Shannon was standing up there with a friend, and he kept making comments while we played, which didn't bother me but did Joe.

After Shannon left two other people took the seats by that serving window there, which puts them in the way for any of our shots at the breaking end of the table. It's such a pain when people sit there, especially when the bar is as empty as it was. So many other places to sit so we're not always going, "Excuse me," and they're going "no problem." It just gets old.

Things were going well for quite a while, and then Andre showed up. Of course he came right over and talked to me while I was shooting. After not too long, though, he got involved in the games at the other table. Thank god.

After a while, Joe said, "Oh look, at the bar, it's Scott and David." These are two guys that he had introduced me to before, and they are friends of John and Andy, with whom they were talking. Well they were the two boys who said hello to me at the lake today! Who knew? The one who actually spoke was the one named Scott.

Joe and I played seven games of pool, with the score being three to three before the championship game, which I won thanks to Joe scratching on his 8-ball shot. I claimed the title, "Miss Billiards Raleigh Wake County North Carolina Universe."

Around the end of the sixth game, or during the final game, Doug came. He did his usual hootin' and hollerin' thing, which at times can be embarrassing, but mostly is just funny.

Karaoke was not as good as it's been at times, but also not as excruciating as it's been at times. I was about ready to go at about 10:20, and just then Steve and Randy came in. I sat and chatted with them for a while.

Steve introduced himself to a cute, very hairy guy standing near us, and then introduced him to all of us. Another Randy. There was another hot guy, with a killer goatee standing by the peanuts, who was out of all of our leagues, and Steve had had his eye on him before this Randy guy showed up. After Steve worked Randy for a while, he leaned over to me and said, "I'm working him, but he looks like he's now working that other guy (the one with the goatee). If he goes for him, I'm going to be pissed." Drama.

I left shortly after this, leaving Joe, our Randy, and Steve still working that Randy.

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