DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Boots & Boxers...

While Robert was showering, I got up and packed him a lunch. A chicken salad sandwich, a fruit cup, a granola bar, chips, and some Poppycock. I snuck right back in the bed.

I checked the TCW mail today. Nothing pressing. I wrote my consumer complaint letter to Delta Airlines about our disasterous flight to Montreal, and my lost luggage on the return trip. I finished the TCW minutes, posted them to the Yahoo group, and sent them to the board. It always feels good to get those done.

I got to Flex shortly after 8. No dancers. Few patrons. A guy in a cowboy hat named Mark was there. He looked familiar. I introduced myself to him, and he said he believed we'd met before in Charlotte, at the Hoe-Down. He lives in High Point, and came out to dance. We really didn't have much to talk about, and I didn't find him overly friendly, so after about 20 minutes, I just went and sat on the "barber chair" by the pool table.

"Carl Jr." had showed up some time in there, and came out from the back from taking with Van and Adam in the DJ booth, and talked about Carl being in Orlando, referring to him as his "husband," and then said, "If he ever leaves me, I'll kill him." And Carl (Sr.) thinks they're not dating? A little miscommunication going on there, I'd say.

The next dancer to show up was Robert, and it was at about 9:10. I know Mark was disappointed to drive that far to not dance for over an hour. Oh well.

Mark ended up teaching us a new dance that, unfortunately, he didn't know the name of. Four of us started out learning it, but only two of us finished learning it. I really like it, and hope I can remember it to teach Carl on Wednesday so he can teach the others.

Robert and I danced in our boxers. Tony came eventually, but he didn't realize it was boots and boxers night, and didn't have any underwear on. Alan showed up in the middle of the last dance. He was with Joey. Must be love to miss dancing. :-)

We went over to CCs after dancing was over. Joe-Joe was there. Robert and I did a lot of flirting, though not with each other, but it was fun. I love that we can do that with each other.

We stopped at Snoopy's on the way home. Robert got a double cheeseburger. I got two hot dogs. Yum.

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