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Gold Coast presentation...

My process meeting was uneventful, and short today. Mark was the officiating 2nd line, and was very prepared for the meeting, which I appreciate.

I reviewed the presentation that I did for the folks in Australia later in the evening. I also spent some time going through their team room looking for document and record control issues to bring to their attention at the end of the presentation.

I left work at about 4:00. I stopped by Sam's and bought Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers for our office. The Fireballs finally ran out. While there, I also bought a bag of chips, a box (of what seems like a lifetime supply) of sandwich size baggies, and some chocolate covered raisins to keep at home.

I decided to put the items in a box to carry out instead pushing the cart outside. The box was heavier than anticipated, so of course I got totally impatient in the "line to get out of the store" (I hate that!), especially when the retiree working the door took time to talk in baby talk to the kid in the baby seat of the cart in front of me... "Want me to draw you a smiley face? Look here, I'm drawing you a smiley on the back of mommy's receipt," and then Mommy: "Isn't that cute, honey, how the nice man is drawing you a smiley face?" The kid was maybe one year old, and was probably thinking, "Want me to poopie in my pants for you old man?"

When I finally got my turn, I bit my tongue from saying as I handed my receipt to the man, "Draw me a picture of a customer's slipped disc from holding a heavy box so long waiting to get out of the fucking store."

What is taking my "Patience Medal" so long to arrive? Huh? Huh?

On the way to the bookstore at NCSU, I stopped at the post office and checked TCW's post office box. Nothing urgent, or interesting, really.

In the bookstore, I found both books for my ENG 512 class, one of which was $77, with none of the used ones, which would have been $55, available. That sucked. There was a used edition of the other one available for $32. I bought both of those, and will keep my receipt until I ask Michelle or Kurt if either one of them has that $77 book that I can borrow for this semester.

After not seeing Dr. Dicks' books in stock, I remembered that he said at the beginning of last semester that he never requests his books to be stocked in the student bookstore on campus.

Once home, I ordered the two books for ENG 518 from Amazon.com (and affiliated vendors), both used. Hopefully they will come in quickly so I won't get behind in reading assignments. Fortunately, for that class, we only meet once this week, since it's a Tuesday-Thursday class, and we don't start the week until Wednesday. I logged into work and sent an email to Michelle and Kurt about that other book.

I left home at just after 7, and got to work a little after 7:30. The presentation to the Australia folks, for whom it was 10:30 Tuesday morning, went well. It was scheduled for 1.5 hours, but we finished in one hour.

Not five minutes after I hung up the conference call and turned on AIM, Steve logged on, and AIMed me, "Are you interested in meeting at Flex for a drink?" We agreed to meet at 10:00. Well drinks are $1.25 on Monday nights. You can't beat that.

As it turned out Randy joined us, and there was actually a "theme" for the evening, which isn't usually the case on Monday nights. However, it was Madonna's birthday, and half the monitors in the place were showing videos of hers, and the others were showing the Olympics.

There's a new bartender there, Robb, who is hott (sic.), but not very personable at all. I don't particularly care for him, and to boot, I believe he shaves his pits. Brigner talked to us for a few minutes, and he noted that Robb is now going to be the bartender on Wednesday nights, too. Yuck.

Steve swore he couldn't stay past 11, and ended up leaving close to 11:30, as did Randy and I.

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