DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Another rainy day...

The rain continued today, so we canceled the cookout once again. We should probably look at rescheduling it for the 29th now, as that's the next weekend Robert has off, and on Saturday, the 28th we'll be working on the IBM House at Habitat for Humanity.

We had the leftover Apple Sausage Bake from yesterday, and both of us thought it was even better today. Quite the dish.

I went to Helios to meet chasman at 3:00. He didn't show up, and I didn't have his cell phone number with me. I thought I had stored it in my cell phone, but it was only in my Palm Pilot, which I didn't have with me. I wonder what happened to him. I people-watched and did the crossword puzzle from the Sunday paper. I left there at 5:00, shortly after Joe called to make plans for the evening.

We ran into Adam at Quiznos and Van was getting Chinese a couple of stores down. We ate inside, they ate outside. I said hello to Van on the way out.

We had to wait about an hour before a pool table came open, but we finally got one, and played a lot of games of pool. Joe and I played several games against each other, and then me and him played against Doug and Chris for several more games.

Karaoke was surprisingly tolerable tonight, with one girl singing a disco-era song that was totally awesome. I went up to her as she was looking through the book for another song to sing, and asked, "Can you sing the Whitney version of 'I Will Always Love You'?"

She came over to where I was playing pool right before it was her turn, and said, "What's your name?" Then she dedicated the song to me.

She really had an awesome voice, and brought the house down both times with applause. While she was singing that song, I sauntered up to her and handed her a ten dollar bill.

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