DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Cancelled cookout...

I made Kevin D.'s "Apple Sausage Bake" for breakfast, and it was pretty damned good. Pancake batter, diced granny smith apples, cinnamon, milk eggs, and sausage sprinkled on top. I had to bake it about 15 minutes longer than the recipe called for, but I think that was because of the glass dish I used to bake it in. We topped it with 100% pure maple syrup. Yum!

We rescheduled our planned cookout with Bryan and Jen for tomorrow, since the remnants of Hurricane Charley are supposed to "move on" by then. It wasn't at all bad today, rainy, but not torrential, and no wind to speak of, really.

We took a trip to Lowe's at Crossroads, but I didn't get either of the two things I went there for. One was a replacement cap for the faucet in my guest bathroom, which they didn't have, and the other was to inquire about sound-proof windows, which they said you really have to go to a commercial level window to get.

The only thing I ended up buying was a drain trap, which once home, didn't work.

I took the bed apart, and brought the new headboard and footboard upstairs, but haven't yet said it up. I expected Fred's Beds to call me on Friday, but they didn't. If I don't hear from them tomorrow, I'll call them.

We stopped by Carl's Apartment-warming party on the way to the Film Festival. We were the first one there, and "Carl Jr." was there "helping" Carl out. No further comment.

We had to leave just as the place was filling up, in order to make our 7:00 commitment at Satisfaction's in Brightleaf. Van and Adam were just arriving as we were leaving.

At Satisfactions, we met Steve F., Jon B., David H. and Scott, and Sondra. Later, Beth W. came with a date, Laurie S. from GALA. We ordered a large Deluxe Pizza and a large Hawaiian Pizza, both of which were delicious. EAGLE picked up the tag, along with giving us each a movie ticket to the NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

We saw "Eating Out" at 9:00, and really enjoyed it.

Movie Synopsis: The best way to a girl’s heart is through her gay best friend! Set in the Arizona desert, Eating Out stars Scott Lunsford as Caleb, a hunky straight college student, who falls for Gwen (Emily Stiles). Caleb’s gay roommate, Kyle (Jim Verraros), convinces him that pretending to be gay will get Gwen’s attention, and it works – only she fixes him up with her friend, Marc (Ryan Carnes). When her latest boyfriend Joey (Billy Shepard) announces that he is actually gay, Gwen sadly wonders if she’ll ever fall for a straight guy. Meanwhile, Caleb agrees to go on a “date” with Marc and is faced with a confusing complication – how does he reveal his true feelings for Gwen without hurting Kyle or Marc?

After the movie we headed to CCs. On the way, Joe called to say he had changed his mind about coming out. We went anyway. Patrick was there, and ignored us again, until Robert purposely went up to him, and even then, he said it was stilted and awkward. Just weird. We spent most of the time talking with Loren and Chris. The two guys performing in the piano lounge were dreadful.

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