DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Together again...

My meeting with Cassandra today was quite short, but neither of us needed more time than that. I presented at the Virtual PM/RM Meeting, and that went well. I met with Dana for a while on ITIM Entry, and we talked about the latest spin on how, process-wise, this work is going to get done. I sent a note out to the team afterwards detailing how I see this playing out from a process perspective if they keep the decision to document this work as a change request.

I had lunch with Jay today, and we went to Rudinos. He picked me up in his new car, which is quite the machine. He told me all about his weekend in Myrtle Beach for a bachelor party for a person in his department. Then, the next weekend (last weekend) he went to New Jersey for the guy's wedding. He spent some time in Manhattan while up there, and saw Avenue Q.

Robert arrived around 6:00, and we had a salad and pizza for dinner. We got to Flex at about 8:45. Dancing was fun tonight, and we met two nice guys, Jeff and Joey. Robert played matchmaker and tried to hook up Alan and Joey, as Alan expressed interested in him. Adam played Harper Valley PTA at the end of the night, which is always fun to lip sync to. Right before we left this dreadful drag queen came out, and performed (if you can call it that) to Redneck Woman.

Once home, I showered, and Robert ate and showered. We had a wonderful, intimate MMMMMMMMMMMM session. I felt extra close to him. So good to be back "together" again.

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