DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hamburger Mary's and Kickers...

We ate at Hamburger Mary's, which was attached to "Kickers," which (on certain nights) is a C&W bar. As it turned out, tonight they were having Country Karaoke, with line dances in between -- a set of singing, then a set of line dances. We ate first, Steve had a killer Hamburger, and I had a club sandwich. After that we went over to the bar side, and watched a set of line dances, of which I knew no dances. :-( Though, one of them was basically the Tush Push with a change on the first twelve counts that I caught onto from the side by the time it was over.

There was one guy who did Karaoke who was totally awesome. In the second set of line dances, I did "Tow the Line." It wasn't the one I thought it was, but fortunately it was one I knew. This place started to die down around midnight, so we rode up the street to "Rich's," who someone had told Steve at Kicker's was "something like this place." I, actually, don't believe that. Either Steve told me that to make me more inclined to go, or the guy outright lied to him.

We had a little "snippy" incident on the way, where I was acting like my dad. The parking situation sucked, and I was getting annoyed and impatient. This place was totally jamming, packed with folks. It was a definite techno/dance bar, though -- <nothing> country or even levi or leather about it. I didn't dance there, but enjoyed the people-watching. We left there probably around 1:30.

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