DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A restful reading vacation day...

We got up around 10 or 10:30, and went downstairs for breakfast. Michael was down there, looking hot in no shirt, and two other guys who were cute. I had a muffin, a bagel, and two pieces of raisin toast. Can you say carb fest? And three delicious cups of coffee. We read the newspaper, and Steve went out on the downstairs deck for a smoke.

After breakfast, we stopped in the lobby on the first floor, and I watched about 5 minutes of The View with Steve, and then left him there to return to the room. I started reading The Life of Pi, and then caught up this journal.

It's raining out, drizzling really, today, and we haven't yet decided what we're going to do. Steve mentioned going shopping. If he does, I will stay in and read. That's what I'd really like to do today. Read and nap. Oh yeah, and eat. This is vacation, isn't it? :-)

Steve went out early in the afternoon, and I spent some hours reading The Life of Pi. As my other book club members said, it is very well-written.

I took a break at around 2:30, shaved and showered and took a walk up to St. Catherine's in search for a lunch other than McDonald's. I ended up at Tim Horton's and had the "Turkey Bacon Club" sandwich, which was on a baguette, and quite delicious. There was no mayonnaise on it, but a light honey mustard dressing, which was delicious. It was not really a dressing in the sense that it was almost all liquid "splashed" on the lettuce.

Back at the room I read some more, and dosed off a bit. Steve arrived back around 5:00, and we discussed dinner. He went downstairs and got a recommendation from Jonathan, who recommended an Italian place on St. Catherine's down across from the Sky Pub and Restaurant (which we've heard mention many times on this trip now), and not far from Le Stud bar.

We got there around 7, I think, and had the absolute best meal, lasagna, we've had in Montreal so far. Our waiter was so handsome -- five o'clock shadow, and just beautiful. We had a business card from the place, which we got at Le Conciergerie, and I wrote on the back of the card, "You're a beautiful, beautiful man," and left it on the table.

We checked out the restaurant called "Food" across the street, which is part of the Sky "complex," (also a pub, bar, danseur, and terrasser, so the sign said). We had heard that it was a little pricey, which it was, but not that bad. We may eat there some time before the week is over.

On the way back to the guest house, Steve stopped in the Pharmaprix, and I stopped in the grocery store. I bought a Lindt Milk Chocolate bar. Steve bought some liquid soap. I got out of the grocery store before Steve got out of the Pharmaprix, and then saw him walking toward me. In front of him, walking toward me was this fairly tall black, guy, walking very upright with his hands out in front of him like he was getting ready to give the old one-two. His hands were in a fist, and he immediately reminded me of those Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots of yesteryear. He just walked along with both hands in a fist like that, the left hand a little higher than the right, seriously, as if he were a boxer either waiting to take, or protecting himself from, the next swing. He wasn't talking to himself, or anyone else for that matter, just walking along like that. Bizarre. Steve noticed him, too, and we both laughed about it.

Back at the room, I read more of Pi, finishing up the night with half the book read in this past day and a half. It's looking promising to finish while on this vacation, which I'd love to do. Steve wrote a note saying that the "hot southern boys in 203" have taken the fan (from the workout room) for the night, and if was a problem to anyone, to come get it. That oscillating fan is the deal.

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