DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Donna's birthday dinner...

Uneventful work day. Trying to get some things finished up before Friday, as I'm on vacation all next week.

I met Donna at Kanki at Crabtree for her birthday dinner. I got there at about 6:50, and there was no line. She arrived at about 7:05, and we had to put our name on a waiting list, since a line had since formed.

It was a pretty short wait, during which I let her pick her birthday gift -- Catch Phrase or something from Greece when I go in September. She decided on "Catch Phrase for my birthday, and you can bring me back something for Christmas from Greece." Smart lady.

We ended up sitting with five "kids" (three guys and two gals), and five black women at the shared table. The boy sitting right next to me was so cute, looked about 16, but was actually 22. All of us had the buy a dinner get a dinner free coupons. Donna and I both had Hibachi Chicken Teriyaki style. Delish!

Robert came over, and we were going to go to Trailer Trash Drag, but never made it out. We MMMMMMMMMed, napped a little, and we did some crossword puzzles.

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