DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Great ISO news today...

I ran to Sam's during lunch today to get some cookies for this afternoon's four-hour meeting.
We finished the ISO audit today with no major nonconformances. Quite a feat. I gave Becky and Dana high fives once we got outside the door. This was the culmination of months and months of work, and it's good news. This is the first time I've left IBM feeling very accomplished without it being about a diversity contribution. I'll have to reward myself with something.

I stopped for gas on the way home, when I just happened to look down and see the orange light on, with the needle way below empty. I hadn't at all noticed.

Between the Crown station and home Robert called. He was already at my house.

We had a nice hug, and I thought he looked great. He wasn't happy about his Sociology test results, and still in what I'll just call "a funk." I'm helpless to offer anything in these situations, as an experiential learner, I just don't have the tools. All I can do is wait up at the rim of the abyss.

We ate at Remingtons at Crossroads, after making an errant stop at Bear Rock Cafe.

I got to dancing at about 8:40, and the place was dead. Carl was in the back with Adam and Van. I had printed off my webpage with the line-dancing stuff on it, and checked in with them as far as noticing anything I might have missing or wrong. I got a couple of comments from them, and kept the paper out the rest of the night for others to check over. I also checked off the dances as we did them. Someone asked me if I was going to cut it up and keep the little pieces of paper in my pocket. :-)

Missy was there, but didn't miss the mark on too many dances, primarily because she didn't do too many dances. At the end, Adam played Harper Valley PTA, and my pips (Carl, Michael, and Alan) got a fourth pip -- you guessed it. Bless her mess.

Carl taught The Train tonight. Joe came, and the best dance of all was my shadow dance with him. Adam had SORDID LIVES playing all night long. It was half way through the second showing at closing time.

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