DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Excruciating karaoke...

I got up at noon. I pretty much pissed the day away. I did walk two miles on the Carmichael indoor track, and stopped at the grocery store on the way home.

Joe called about going out for dinner, and then possibly to Flex. We met at "Two Guys" on Hillsborough Street for dinner at 7:00. We split a killer, killer pizza, and I had a tossed salad.

From there we headed toward Third Place, but along the way I changed my mind and phoned Joe to suggest Helios instead. He answered the phone, but didn't say anything, and I could hear him fumbling with the keys. So, I said, "Are you going to say something?" Well that freaked him out as it hadn't rung at all, and then we lost the connection. A comedy of errors.

I stopped by the SECU ATM machine on Hillsborough St., and then met him at Helios. After about a half-hour or so, Brad arrived, and he sat with us for about 10 minutes, while smoking two cigarettes. Before we left, Michael L. arrived, and we talked to his bitter self for about 3 minutes.

When I pulled in to park at Flex, Robert's car was in the spot right in front of the one I was taking, which made me smile. I said hello to the kitty in the window, which I imagined had just enjoyed Robert's company. I got and gave a sweet hug from/to Robert, we had some drinks, and then sat through some karaoke that definitely made you cringe depending on who was singing. Eventually we got a pool table, the one on which the "good people" normally play, and we played about three games.

I left at about 11:00. Robert and Joe stayed. At home, I fell asleep reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves, of which my reaction is surprising me.

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